Greater Metropolitan District of Columbia Crystal Meth Anonymous Intergroup

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Are you looking for service?

Are you looking for service? DC CMA Intergroup is currently looking to fill our Secretary and Hospitals & Institutions Chair positions. These service positions will be filled at the next Intergroup meeting on Tuesday, January 26, 2021, at 8:30 pm. Please contact Joe M if you have any questions.


·       Calls roll at each Intergroup meeting and reports whether a quorum exists.

·       Records minutes of each Intergroup meeting and maintain records of each meeting. At a minimum, minutes should record whether a quorum was met, documentation of all motions made (discussion and action taken), results of any elections, and any items to be carried over to the following months as old business. If available, minutes should also include standing and ad hoc committee reports, reports from GSRs on the well-being and needs of their groups, and other items discussed by the Intergroup.

·       Tabulates votes on motions made at Intergroup meetings.

·       Distributes (via email) draft meeting minutes to Intergroup members prior to the next scheduled Intergroup meeting.

·       Delivers report on “old business” at each Intergroup meeting.

·       Ensures meeting minutes and other Intergroup records are electronically archived.4.2.7Term of service is one (1) year

·       Voting Member – Yes


·       The Hospitals and Institutions Chair chairs a committee of DCCMA members with responsibility for:

·       Coordinating activities related to bringing CMA meetings to area hospitals and institutions including outreach and liaison to such facilities, determining the time and format of meetings, and securing trusted servants and speakers from among DCCMA members.

·       Providing outreach and information about DCCMA, including General Services Conference-approved literature and information about meetings offered in the DC Intergroup region, to medical, mental health, corrections, and other professionals in institutions that provide services to crystal meth addicts.

·       Actively encouraging representation of DCCMA in monthly CMA General Service Hospitals and Institutions Subcommittee conference calls.

·       Forming subcommittees as needed to achieve hospitals and institutions-related goals set by Intergroup.

·       Term of service is one (1) year.

·       Voting Member: No

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