Greater Metropolitan District of Columbia Crystal Meth Anonymous Intergroup

In CMA, our 7th Tradition states:

Every CMA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.

Support your favorite meeting easily
and conveniently using a credit card.

Meeting Code
8am Daily Check-In: 1001
Monday Dual-Diagnosis 6pm: 1002
Monday Arlington CMA 7pm: 1003
Monday Bmore-Clear MD 7pm: 1004
Monday Night Meth Busters DC 8:30pm: 1005
Tuesday Night Steppin' Up DC 7pm: 1006
Wednesday Mid-Week, No Tweak DC 7pm: 1007
Thursday CMA Baltimore 7pm: 1008
Thursday Sex & Relationships in Recovery DC 7pm: 1009
Thursday Night Newcomers Meeting DC 7:45pm: 1010
Friday Night Lights MD 7pm: 1011
Friday Courage to Change DC 8:30pm: 1012
Saturday Morning Meditation 10:30pm: 1013
Saturday Hearts and Ears MD 10:30pm: 1014
Saturday Solution DC 7pm: 1015
Sunday Morning Meeting DC 9am: 1016
Sunday Back to Life DC 3pm: 1017
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