Greater Metropolitan District of Columbia Crystal Meth Anonymous Intergroup


*All meeting times are in
Eastern Standard Time (EST)

DC CMA uses the Zoom platform for all our online meetings

If you haven’t already done so, please download and install the Zoom client software on your computer or device. For a Windows or macOS computer, click here to download. On an iOS or Android mobile device, search for Zoom in your respective App Store.

Daily Check-In Meeting

An online CMA check-in meeting. We do a daily reading followed by a 5 minute meditation. If you arrive within the first 10 minutes come in quietly for meditation.

Monday through Friday @ 8am daily

Opens at 7:45am for fellowship
Meeting starts at 8am

Meeting ID: 651 000 721
Password: 106434

Daily Zoom Round-Up 

An online CMA check-in meeting. All are welcome to attend! Tuesday through Friday, we do a daily recovery reading followed by a 5-minute silent meditation and open sharing. If you arrive within the first 10 minutes, please remain on mute until the meditation is finished.

On Saturdays, we switch to a speaker-lead meeting format where a fellow shares their story for roughly 15 minutes followed by open sharing.

Tuesday through Saturday @ 7pm daily

Opens at 6:45 pm for fellowship
Meeting from 7pm – 8pm

Meeting ID: 891 4213 0976
Password: 418171

Dual-Diagnosis CMA

DD CMA is designed to meet the needs of those addicted to crystal meth as well as having been diagnosed with a mental or emotional disorder. 

See our Dual-Diagnosis page for more details on this meeting

Mondays @ 6pm

Opens at 5:45 pm for fellowship
Meeting from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Meeting ID: 883 9866 3906
Passcode: 826679

Arlington CMA Meeting

An open step-study/meditation meeting.

Mondays @ 7pm

Opens at 6:50 pm for fellowship
Meeting from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Meeting ID: 492 004 349
Password: 725581

CMA Late Night Potluck

An open CMA meeting with rotating topics each week: one week we do steps, one week we do literature, one week we do meditation, and one week we do celebration/speaker.

Tuesdays @ 10pm

Opens at 9:45 pm for fellowship
Meeting from 10:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Meeting ID: 844 8226 8461
Password: 887260

Sarasota/Bradenton Florida Meeting

Wednesdays @ 6pm

Opens at 5:45 pm for fellowship
Meeting from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Meeting ID: 834 9954 3667
Password: 264791

Acceptance is the Answer – Frederick MD Meeting

Wednesdays @ 7pm

Opens at 6:45 pm for fellowship
Meeting from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Meeting ID: 857 5497 8392
Password: 781748

Saturday Meditation

An 11th-Step meditation meeting featuring a 10-minute guided meditation followed by open sharing. All are welcome to attend!

Saturdays @ 10:30am

Opens at 10:00 am for fellowship
Meeting from 10:30 am – 11:30 am

Meeting ID: 610 884 606
Password: 555033

Open Hearts, Open Ears

Saturdays @ 11am

Opens at 10:30 am for fellowship
Meeting from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Meeting ID: 670 495 604
Password: 463577

Sunday Morning Meeting

A weekly literature meeting at which we alternate reading between four pieces of CMA-approved recovery literature. After each reading, the meeting is open for participants to share on the literature or where they are in their recovery.

Sundays @ 9am

Opens at 8:45 am for fellowship
Meeting from 9:00 am – 10:00 am

Meeting ID: 261 914 983
Password: 576957


for a great online meeting

Ideally we suggest participants find a quiet space in their home that remains private to ensure the anonymity of the meeting.  We realize this isn’t always possible and that mobile users may Zoom in from public spaces. In any case, we ask that you remain mindful of protecting the anonymity of others, which is the foundation of all our Traditions.

In order to foster a focused meeting environment, we suggest participants refrain from distractions in their video such as movement, texting, distracting lights, etc. If you need to move, please turn off your camera before doing so. Also, there is no smoking or vaping allowed on camera as this might be triggering to some participants.

Properly lighting your scene will not only make you look better on camera but it will be easier for other participants to see you. The most ideal lighting setup is positioning a light source behind the camera. A lamp behind you provides little illumination where it matters the most: your face. Be aware that ceiling lights are often in the middle of a room and so, if you are facing a wall with your back to the ceiling light, that light is going to cause glare. Your webcam will also meter it’s exposure for that light which will darken your face and make it harder for others to see you. Bottom-line: always face your lighting source.

We ask all participants to remain muted while others are speaking or sharing in order to prevent accidental interruptions. 

We suggest participants refrain from using sexually explicit words or capital Ts in their profile names as these might be triggering to some users. We suggest simply using your first name and last initial. Also, due to the influx of Zoom Bombers, having a clear profile photo will help our Zoom Techs quickly identify you and admit you to the meeting. 

Typically Bluetooth headsets and earbuds, including Apple AirPods, transmit microphone audio at a much lower quality than a wired microphone. This makes it harder for other participants to clearly hear you. We recommend not using Bluetooth microphones. In the Zoom application, navigate to Settings > Audio to choose another microphone, such as a built-in mic on your laptop or an external USB mic. You may still use your Bluetooth headset as a Speaker even if you change the microphone.

Zoom provides all of our participants the ability to join from whatever device they are comfortable with, whether that’s a laptop, iPad or mobile phone.  However, to have the best experience on Zoom we suggest using a computer rather than a mobile device. If you have the choice, a computer (desktop or laptop) is preferred.

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