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Shutting the Door

The Lion was destined to close the door that day – the final goodbye,
All wept as He moved to ‘Nevermore’,
The heart was the culprit of 16 years gone by,
The Hart, the Lion’s heart, bound by Heaven,
‘When, in disgrace with Fortune and men’s eyes’.

The Lion heard the sea’s call – and she took her mighty treasure,
Hopes of washing out to the vanishing point what had happened in the past,
Instead, she spewed forth a rock, a rock, an incandescent rock,
Ashore the Lion found a second love, a Taurus, whose love was meant to heal His wounded paws,
However, Their rock was crafted from a bonfire of excess,
The Lion felt Euphoriba and everyday a new spurge,
Yet, He seethed and commanded a red morning,
A pinch of sand seeking a tempest lighthouse,
A final flash of light and the Clipper crashed and cast the Lion ashore.

The Lion left the sun and sea to return to the cacophony of the jungle,
On the path he found a Jaguar, who would become his companion,
He found others to share his life, other assorted Creatures to revel with,
They formed a pride, as ‘it goeth before the fall’.

The Lion, now, climbs solely atop the hill,
And He seeks serenity from the Bee, courage from the Beast, and wisdom from the Owl,
The Lion shut the door a second time, knowing the Hart was always there.

—Tony P.

Ver. 0.2.10


  • Fixed permission issue on Meetings beta page
  • Removed online meetings from In-Person Meetings page
  • Changed URL of In-Person Meetings page to /inperson
  • Changed URL of Meetings beta page to /meetings and created redirect



  • Performance optimization
  • Depreciated Calendar
  • Minor layout fixes
  • Added Hyperlist page
  • Changed single announcements post layout to horizontal card


  • Removed sticky header
  • Fixed announcements loop mobile layout


  • Introduced Meetings beta page


  • Introduced horizontal announcement cards for homepage and announcements page
  • Added webmail link to Site Index and Intergroup page
  • Minor layout fixes


  • Added MARCMA page
  • Fixed tablet layout issues on header
  • Moved “Posted On” date to the bottom of the announcement cards
  • Minor adjustments to elements


  • Expanded header and footer to full width on desktop
  • Centered logo on header and repositioned menus on desktop
  • Incorporated mega menu trigger into logo
  • Introduced new full width footer
  • Created Site Index slide-in
  • Revised Changelog slide-in
  • Refreshed Stories page and implemented Loop Grid queries
  • Minor layout fixes


  • Minor layout fixes
  • Standardized heading fonts H1 through H6 for uniformity
  • Transitioned more text elements to REM
  • Added CMA Fellowships Directory page
  • Fixed mobile menu 


  • Introduced new horizontal logo design and enlarged proportions on header
  • Thinned header
  • Recolored the title bar above header to pale gray
  • Introduced new color schema throughout site with more bold, contrasting colors against neutral backgrounds
  • Restyled New to CMA? page
  • Introduced new Intergroup logo with Lottie animation
  • Simplified homepage layout
  • Introduced design blog
  • Set button border radius to 15px site-wide


  • Replaced homepage slider with new hero design
  • Added Lottie animations
  • Added change log page
  • Implemented Loop Builder for queried posts
  • Redesigned announcements carousel on homepage
  • Redesigned announcements archive pages with infinite scroll
  • Minor fixes to layouts
  • Unified button color schema
  • Optimized database
  • Removed old page revisions for performance


  • New header layout
  • Implemented mega menu
  • Recolored major elements with more saturated hues
  • Homepage redesign with scrolling clouds motion at footer
  • Footer condensed and restyled
  • Added Daily Check-In page


  • Restyled Newcomer page with cloud graphics
  • Changed name to ‘New to CMA?’


  • Added Stories pages
  • Configured Stories category and blog query


  • Header rescaled and added background blur


  • Added Elections page


  • Added Online meetings page


  • Homepage refresh
  • Added Announcements carousel


  • Added Dual-Diagnosis page


  • Added Newcomer page


  • Introduced card-styled elements throughout site
  • Complete restyling of Meetings page with card-centric layout


  • Container reduced to 1140px
  • Header resized and  boxed


  • Initial release
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